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Le Viet Duc completes 12.5 years at PS

Today, December 15, 2023, it has been 12.5 years ago that dr. Le Viet Duc joined our group!

Duc has been with PS first as a PhD student, then as a postdoc, and currently as an assistant professor. During these years, Duc has evolved from a young talented student, to a highly respected expert on various smart sensing systems. He has been working on several aspects of pervasive computing like new methods and tools for data dissemination in smart cities, localization, and smart sensing. Currently Duc has become the expert on deep learning for smart sensing. His enthusiasm and creativity has been incorporated in several of our current projects, and many new PhD students are working based on his ideas. 

Many new ideas and projects are emerging, so plenty of opportunities for the next 12.5 years. Congratulations, dr. Le Viet Duc!