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Paul Havinga talks about "Technology on the Bicycle"

Does technology on and around bicycles enhance comfort and safety? Paul Havinga gives a talk about our Smart Connected Bikes project and its impact on cycling in the seminar "Technologie op de fiets".

The seminar was organized by KIVI: the Dutch Koninklijk Instituut Van Ingenieurs at “De Fietser” in Ede, which is the experience centre of one of our industrial partners: Accell Group.

After testriding (electric) bikes on the indoor test track and admiring 200 bicycles and all their innovations 4 presentations were given by:

  • Geertje Hegeman (Head of Road Safety Department, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management) about governmental policy and regulations,
  • Paul Havinga (Chair Pervasive Systems Group, University of Twente and Scientific Director TNO-ICT) about scientific research on gathering data from cyclists and their bicycles,
  • Mark Dorlandt (Program manager R&D Lifestyle, Accell Group) about the bicycle and its history,
  • Benjamin Groenewolt (Mobility policy advisor, Municipality of Enschede) about their app “Enschede fietst” and the interpretation of data for traffic regulation.

4 Fascinating views on bicycle tech which all showed a great hunger for data to influence cyclist behaviour: either through regulations or by "bits and bytes" on the bike itself. The seminar provided insights on the societal expectations of technology on bicycle.

Source: Jos Aerts on LinkedIn