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NWO KIC SUBLIME project grant awarded Within the call 'Key Technologies (KIC)', NWO has awarded a grant to the SUBLIME project, in which our group Pervasive Systems is also participating.

SUBLIME stands for SUstainaBle and reLIable Macro stEel infrastructures, and the project is led by prof. dr. ir. Johan Maljaars from Eindhoven University of Technology. Other partners in the consortium include Delft University of Technology, Rijkswaterstaat, ProRail, Province of South Holland, City of Amsterdam, North Sea Port (NL), North Sea Port (Belgium), ArcelorMittal, Bouwen met Staal, Madastar, Dutch Drone Company, and Somni.


Project description: Large steel infrastructures (bridges, sheet piles, lock doors) degrade in time through corrosion and fatigue. The goals of this project are to increase the reliability and circularity of these infrastructures and to develop governance recommendations that operationalize the technical knowledge. Predictive digital twins will be developed that integrate structural health monitoring and prediction models. This enables a much longer – but safe – use of these infrastructures. The consequent socioeconomic and environmental benefits will be assessed as well, and this unique combination of scientific expertise will result in specific technical and governance recommendations to achieve sustainable and reliable steel infrastructures.

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