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Two prices at successful Bicycle Hackathon in Ede! Building the future of cycling

On May 4th the Smart Connected Bikes Research and Innovation program organized at ‘de Fietser’ in Ede a competition on making bikes smarter by leveraging the digital technologies. The participants used diverse technologies like augmented reality, real-time data collection, wireless communication and data analytics to make cycling safer, more comfortable, and healthier. The main organizer was Yanqiu Huang, with help from other colleagues from our group.

 Our very own Yanqiu Huang, organizer of the event

Five teams from University of Twente (Pervasive Systems), Saxion, TU Delft, and University of Bremen were competing for their innovation in smart connected bikes. During three days the teams were developing and testing their innovations in an inspiring environment in the experience centre ‘de Fietser’, and hosted by the Accell group. On the third day a jury did try out the systems in the test circuit, and evaluated the systems based on design, innovation, and potential impact. Two Pervasive Systems teams did win an award, congratulations!

This event has been sponsored by the 4TU Federation and the Accell group.