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Pilot project predictive maintenance

On July 10th and 11th 2019 and in the context of the KiC (Kunstwerken in Control) project funded by EFRO and the Living Lab project funded by the Overijssel provience, the “Tankinkbrug” bridge in the Hof van Twente was measured using different technologies including high resolution cameras, drones, and vibration sensors for the purpose of gaining insight into operation of the bridge and its characteristics during use. The measurements were performed in collaboration between researchers from University of Twente, Saxion University of Applied Sciencs, Inertia Technology, DRONExpert, Antea Group, Strukton, Twente47, and Contractor Pelle. Researchers from Pervasive Systems participated in this pilot project and will analyze the measurements by applying Artificial Intelligence and machine learning techniques on data comming from sensors attached to the bridge as well as image and remote sensing data for the purpose of predictive maintence and creating a digital twin model of the bridge.

For more information:!/2019/7/245684/fieldlab-in-twente-for-the-inspection-of-bridges-and-viaducts