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Assignment: Wearable system to digitize your body posture to Metaverse

Wearable system to digitize your body posture to Metaverse

Problem Statement:

Are you fascinated by wearable technologies? Would you like to develop a fully wearable kinetic measurement system that can be used in daily health care, sport/work injury prevention, VR/AR system, as well as wearable robotics?  If so, this master thesis is for you!

 Human motion assessment, especially kinetic information, is fundamental in many fields, such as fall risk assessment for elderly people, muscle-related injury prevention for athletes and factory workers, improving human-robot interaction systems, as well as in VR, movie, and gaming industries. Even though many commercial sensors are available on the market to measure specific information of movement, there is not a fully wearable measurement system, especially the kinetic information, that can be easily used by users in their daily life.


In this master thesis, you will develop a fully wearable and easy to use hardware system that can wirelessly stream and process data from multiple commercial sensors. Then, a multi-subjects experiment with the wearable system in daily/outdoor/sport activities will be conducted as validation.

This study will get financial support of hardware purchases and you may get a 160 hours research assistant contract after this Master Thesis. A confidentiality agreement and intellectual property assignment agreement form needs to be signed by you!

You will get:



10% Theory, 40% Implementation, 30% Experiment, 20%Writing.


Huawei Wang  (h.wang-2@utwente.nl), Horst room Z134

Yanqiu Huang (yanqiu.huang@utwente.nl)