Teaching of Pervasive Systems

Teaching of Pervasive Systems

The group's educational endeavors are intricately linked to its research initiatives. Pervasive Systems (PS) takes charge of instructing Bachelor, Master, and postgraduate courses, as well as overseeing projects within the realm of Data Science, AI, Internet of Things and Pervasive Systems, covering their theoretical foundations and practical applications.

Our instructional responsibilities extend to the following programs:

We actively contribute to these courses, providing valuable insights and expertise. Our teaching encompasses diverse facets of (sensor) data analytics, AI-based methodologies, embedded systems, and various forms of wireless communication. Notably, we delve into challenging communication scenarios, including the last-mile challenges in highly dynamic mobile networks, underground and underwater networks, as well as aerial and space networks.

For those seeking engaging assignments, internships, or Bachelor's and Master's projects, we encourage consultation with our staff. We undoubtedly have impactful assignments readily available. Please have a look at the list!

The Pervasive Systems group has many opportunities for Master and Bachelor Telematics, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering students to do their final projects. Such projects can be both internal (i.e., performed in the PS offices on Floor 5 at the Zilverling and with daily supervision by PS members), or external at one of the companies that PS has contacts with. The list of open assignments is never complete; new ideas arise all the time, or perhaps you have an idea of your own that would fit PS? Please contact p.jm.havinga@utwente.nl.