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Assignment: CommuniFi: Data transmission during device-free sensing of human activities

CommuniFi: Data transmission during device-free sensing of human activities

Problem Statement:

Device-free sensing is the sensing of human activities or physiological variables (e.g. heart rate) using contactless solutions. These techniques achieve high accuracies, even in challenging environments [1]. However, one important aspect is often neglected in current state-of-the-art: data transmission. These solutions often require the flooding of frequency bands with random packets, making actually transmitting data from point A to B incredibly hard. This is an important aspect that needs to be investigated before RF-based device-free sensing can be widely accepted and adopted.


Your task is to implement a wrapper on an existing mini-PC that injects these random packets with useful information (be it social media, streaming services, etc) that I can supply you with. The software to be used is the Linux CSI Tool [2}  (I already modified the basic injection scheme to enable customized injections). After this, you will be asked to investigate how fast and reliably you can transmit this data, while also analysing how this affects the device-free monitoring of activities. You need not worry about the activity experiments, as enough research is happening in Pervasive Systems to cover this. However, you will need to investigate the aforementioned challenges (data rate/reliability and the effect of this on the data collected from the monitored activities). This is a great assignment if you want to work with state-of-the-art technologies and work on a combination between communication (networks) and human-centric experiments.

[1]  Klein Brinke, J., Chiumento, A., & Havinga, P. J. M. (Accepted/In press). Personal Hygiene Monitoring Under the Shower Using WiFi Channel State Information. In 1st Workshop on Computer Human Interaction in IoT Applications

[2] https://dhalperi.github.io/linux-80211n-csitool/


30% Implementation (software), 20% Data gathering, 30% Data analysis, 20% Writing


Jeroen Klein Brinke (j.kleinbrinke@utwente.nl)
Allow multiple students: YES