Wireless Channel Prediciton

Do Horoscopes Work for Factories? Performance Comparison of Wireless Channel Prediction Algorithms within an Indoor Factory Floor

Problem Statement: 

While there are many AI based wireless channel prediction algorithms proposed for wireless communication, how useful will those be in scheduling communication within an indoor factory environment? Base stations in a cellular network must schedule communication resources depending on the traffic in the network and wireless channel variations. In this research a few of the 5G-based  wireless channel quality prediction algorithms can be compared on their performance for different types of factories.


The researcher (Sabari Nathan Anbalagan) has performed and published a sensitivity analysis on the potential of 5G channel quality prediction for industrial indoor environments. The student will have to survey available channel quality prediction algorithms, choose a few algorithms and compare their performance within an industrial indoor environment.


30% Theory, 50% Simulations, 20% Writing


Sabari Nathan Anbalagan (s.n.anbalagan@utwente.nl)