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Wireless Channel Prediciton over Multiple Environments

Are Horoscopes beneficial? Sensitivity Analysis of Predicting Wireless Channel in multiple environments

Image courtesy: theverge.com, slipps.eu, technosclub.com and pngkey.com

Problem Statement: 

How useful will AI be in scheduling wireless communication? Will the usefulness vary depending upon the environment of use? Base stations in a cellular network must schedule communication resources depending on the traffic in the network and wireless channel variations. What if we are able to predict the quality of wireless channel before transmission? Before developing an AI algorithm to predict the channel quality, it is important to gauge its usefulness. In this research, the researcher will analyse the sensitivity of prediction error, mobility, scalability and possibly other parameters on the usefulness of wireless channel prediction for multiple environments such as highway, urban and indoor.


The student will be given access to QuaDRiGa – a stochastic channel response generator. He/she is expected to simulate scenarios depicting a realistic environments and perform a sensitivity study of the influence of chosen parameters. The researcher (Sabari Nathan Anbalagan) has performed and published a similar analysis but for an industrial indoor environment.


30% Theory, 50% Simulations, 20% Writing


Sabari Nathan Anbalagan (s.n.anbalagan@utwente.nl)