Assignment: monitoring insects

Buzz-Buzz: Monitoring insects without touching them 


Problem Statement: 

For assessing the impact of light on insect populations, we need to understand the response of insects at various distances to light sources – because of immediate presence to light, but even more so by long-term presence of illumination. 

The use of radar (and potentially other systems with a bandwidth between 0.1-15 cm) has a great potential for the assessment of both the presence of insects in delimited air volumes, recording the direction of movement, and estimating the size of insects by wingbeat frequency.  



To goal of this project is to investigate and prototype state of the art technologies (mmWave, RADAR, deep learning, 5G) to classify, count, and track insects around light sources. 


10% Theory, 80% Simulations, 10%Writing 


Jeroen Klein Brinke (