Assignment: Heart beat detection

FMCW Radar: Stay home and listen to your heart!  

Problem Statement: 

It has been a while that researchers started monitoring heart rate and respiration rate remotely! Imagine there is no need to use unbearable electrodes or even wear your smartwatch at home! This project uses millimeter-wave frequency modulated continuous wave radars (FMCW) to obtain tiny body (chest) movements and extract vital signs out of them. This project's primary goal is to compare different vital sign monitoring methods in which we use both amplitude and phase. To do so, you will be guided in the right direction and will be supervised to achieve what is expected.


First, the students need to study the relevant signal processing methods used to extract the heart rate from the FCMW radar signal.

Second, he/ she should collect the required data at home while having a reference wearable device. We'll provide the smartband and the FMCW radar for you.

Finally, different signal processing techniques (amplitude-based and phase-based methods) should be tested on the collected data to check the robustness and accuracy of each.


20% theory, 10% data collection, 60% signal processing, 10% writing


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