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Assignment: Cloud-Fog-Edge muti-modal logistics

Build A Simulation tool based on Cloud-Fog-Edge Computing in multi-modal logistics

Problem Statement: 

Relocation of manufacturing processes to other low-wage countries in order to cut costs contributes to the appearance of higher logistics costs. This occurrence happens due to the increased complexity of logistics. There is a need to transport goods from one plant to another in efficient means of transport and deliver proper quality of service. One possible solution for this particular problem is to develop a multimodal simulation model for a new transport and logistics system. .


The particular simulation and evaluation model needs to be developed in order to allow the system experts to model, analyze and evaluate co-operative multimodal logistics chains. The secondary goal of this project is to develop a network simulation model based on Cloud-Fog-Edge Computing which would be suitable for a particular multimodal logistics case study.

Required skills: simulation modeling, Python/Matlab

Simulation tools: FlexSim, Sumo, OpNet, Optquest, PyOmo modelling (+ PySP library), AnyLogic, iFogSim, EdgeCloudSim


20% Theory, 70% programming, 10 %Writing


Adriana Mijuskovic (a.mijushkovikj@utwente.nl)