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An almost perfect material for research into quantum effects NWO News item September 14th, 2018

UT researchers develop interesting building blocks for quantum computers

Researchers at the MESA+ research institute of the University of Twente, working together with colleagues in Delft and Eindhoven, have successfully developed nanowires allowing individual electrons to be captured by a 'quantum dot' on which superconductivity can take place. This means such nanowires could play a role in the development of quantum computers. The results were published in the science journal Advanced Materials on Monday.

Quantum computers make use of the quantum properties of materials: properties that are only exhibited at a scale of a few dozen nanometres (a nanometre is a millionth of a millimetre). This means that a quantum computer needs a completely different set of building blocks than a standard computer. Researchers all over the world are working to create such building blocks, but it is still unclear which materials yield the best components.

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