Nano Electronics

The Chair NanoElectronics (NE) performs research and provides education in the field of nanoelectronics. Nanoelectronics comprises the study of the electronic and magnetic properties of systems with critical dimensions in the nanoregime, i.e. sub ~100 nm. Hybrid inorganic-organic electronics, spin electronics and quantum electronics form important subfields of nanoelectronics. The research goes above and beyond the boundaries of traditional disciplines, synergetically combining aspects of Electrical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science, and Nanotechnology.

Our research entails the development of novel (concepts for) electronic devices and systems with nanoscale dimensions for application in future generations of electronics and information storage. The present research extends over hybrid inorganic-organic electronics, spin-based electronics, and quantum electronics. One of the future challenges will be to smartly combine top-down and bottom-up technology for electrically addressing single nanosystems, bridging the micro-nano gap in a reliable fashion.

We provide education in electrical engineering, physics and nanotechnology, including tailored and challenging project assignments, helping students on their way in the world of science. A diverse and stimulating environment is provided by an international group of post-doctoral and PhD scientists and MSc students with backgrounds in physics, electrical engineering, nanotechnology and materials science. The group is led by Prof. Wilfred van der Wiel and is embedded in the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology.

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