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Ed van Tuijl passed away

Only 3 weeks after his farewell from our group, we received the sad news that our colleague 


suddenly passed away. For almost 25 years, Ed was part-time professor at the University of Twente, first at the IC technology and Electronics group, and later in the Integrated Circuit Design group. Ed was an expert in analog electronics and had an almost encyclopedic knowledge of other fields as well.

We have come to know Ed as a dedicated professional with a sharp analytical mind, always willing to listen to others and help them whenever possible. He was a kind and amiable man, appreciated by students and colleagues alike. Sadly, he didn’t have time to enjoy his retirement.

Ed, we will miss you dearly.

Bram Nauta, Anne Johan Annema, Eric Klumperink, Frank van Vliet, Gerard Wienk, Gerdien Lammers, Henk de Vries, Mark Oude Alink, Ronan van der Zee, Sander Gierkink.

Enschede, March 29th, 2018