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EEMCS Educational Seminar on Artificial Intelligence

You are invited to the EEMCS Educational Seminar on Artificial Intelligence 

Since the release of ChatGPT 3 in November 2022, tech companies have been locked in a highspeed race to claim a share on the Artificial Intelligence market. Each development follows quicker than the last, leaving us to hasten to catch up. But what effects does AI have on education and our teaching?  

Join us and our three speakers in an interesting seminar about the effect that Artificial Intelligence has on education. The seminar will be a Panel Discussion with a short presentation beforehand about the developments of AI in education. So, feel free to voice your opinions, worries and ideas during the discussion or just sit back and listen.  


The panel discussion will be moderated by Cora Salm, Educational Programme Director of Electrical Engineering. We have invited three individuals who each have their own experiences with Artificial Intelligence, namely: 

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You can attend the seminar in person or watch it online with a livestream. Please note that there is no opportunity for interaction via the livestream. You will receive the link to the livestream no later than 26 June. Lunch will be provided during the seminar.

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