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Workshop before the PhD defense "Efficient Learning and Analysis of System Behavior".

On September 20 at 12:30 Jeroen Meijer will publicly defend his PhD thesis. Preceding the defence we are hosting a workshop + lunch, for which you are invited. Two members of my graduation committee will present their work.

Location: VIP Room Ravelijn 1315.

The programme for the workshop in the morning (09:30 -- 12:00) is as follows.

  • 09:30 -- 10:00: Welcome

  • 10:00 -- 10:45: Karl Meinke (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden):
    Title: Automatic Prediction of Metamorphic Relations using Machine Learning

    Abstract: Lack of precise test oracles is one of the major problems in software testing which can hinder judgments about quality. Metamorphic testing is an emerging technique that solves both the oracle problem and the test case generation problem by testing special forms of software requirements known as metamorphic requirements. However, manually deriving the metamorphic requirements for a given program requires a high level of domain expertise, is labor intensive and error prone. As an alternative, we consider the problem of automatic detection of metamorphic requirements using machine learning (ML). For this problem we can apply graph kernels and support vector machines (SVM). We review some previous results in this area, and describe our own recent work (Nair, Meinke, Eldh [2019]) on data augmentation using software mutants.

    Reference: (A. Nair, K. Meinke, S. Eldh: Leveraging Mutants for Automatic Prediction of Metamorphic Relations using Machine Learning, In Proceedings of the 3rd ACM SIGSOFT International Workshop on Machine Learning Techniques for Software Quality Evaluation (MaLTeSQuE ’19), August 27, 2019, Tallinn, Estonia. ACM, New York, NY, USA.)

  • 10:45 -- 11:00: Break (coffee/tea)

  • 11:00 -- 11:30: Falk Howar (Technical University of Dortmund, Germany):
    Title: TBA
    Abstract: TBA

  • 11:30 -- 12:00: Lunch

If you would like to attend the workshop + lunch, please send an e-mail to Jeroen Meijer at, by September 17. If there are any dietary restrictions, please send them as well.