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Scheduling a large fleet of MicroCHP appliances

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Funding: STW, Essent and Gasterra
Running Period: 2007-2011
Staff: Prof.dr. Johann Hurink, Prof.dr. Gerard Smit
Ph.D. students: Maurice Bosmanand Vincent Bakker


Micro Combined Heat and Power (μCHP) appliances are expected to replace the conventional heat appliances in households in the near future. The μCHP appliances do not only take care of the domestic heat demand, but also generate electricity. A fleet of millions of μCHP appliances can have a production capacity that equals the production capacity of one or two large power plants.

For this large fleet a control system has to be developed to control the millions of individual appliances, taking the complete network into account. The system should give a global optimum for this distributed network (e.g. in the sense of energy costs). Communication in the distributed network is limited and the guarantee of a certain comfort level within all households restricts the problem even further.