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Logistical Design for Optimal Care (LogiDOC)

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Funding: STW
Running Period: 2009-2014
Staff: Prof.dr. Johann Hurink
Ph.D. student: Theresia van Essen (MSc)  


Started in 2008, Logistical Design for Optimal Care (LogiDOC) is a research project funded by Technology Foundation STW. Within LogiDOC, UT collaborates with some 12 partners from the healthcare sector. Its research aims to develop mathematical models and techniques to analyse and support the design of the optimal logistical layout of hospitals with a given case mix and desired performance levels. Various PhD subprojects address all levels of hospital planning and control, and analyse the relation between system configurations, optimized and robust system planning and control, and system performance.

This project has been finished and Theresia van Essen has defended her PhD thesis