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Mechanisms for Decentralized Service Systems

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Funding: CTIT & 3TU.AMI
Running Period: 2012-2016
Staff: prof. Marc Uetz
Ph.D. student: Jasper de Jong (MSc)


In daily life we are using many information and infrastructure services like e.g. online payments, shopping, travel routes, online servers, etc. Such services are characterized by a set of properties describing its cost, availability, response time, or privacy requirements, for example. Such services are typically realized in a decentralized network of service providers. The aim of the project is to develop mechanisms and understand the quality of equilibrium solutions in such systems. Eventually, we would like to set up the systems so that we can operate the overall system as efficiently as possible. We plan to develop necessary theory in the analysis of such sytems, including the design of mechanisms that allow better solutions.

The project has meanwhile been finished, and PhD student Jasper de Jong has defended his PhD thesis.