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Values for Cooperative Games with Restricted Communication

Funding: National Natural Science Fondation of China (NFSC)

Running Period: 2015-2019

PhD student: Mrs. Xianghui Li (Msc)

UT supervisors: Prof. Marc Uetz, Dr. Reinoud Joosten (faculty BMS)


This PhD project is based on a cooperation with the NPU in China, and funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). The PhD student funded by NSFC is Xianghui Li, spending the final half of the PhD period in Twente, while the PhD project has started at NPU under supervision of prof. Genjiu Xu. The supervisors at the UT are Prof. marc uetz and Dr. Reinoud Joosten (faculty BMS). The project asks for the definition, analysis and characterization of values in cooperative games with restricted communication and restrictions on theĀ coalition formation process. The primary focus is fundamental, with applications in the economics of cooperation e.g. in large multi-player projects, and the analysis of the economics of projects within large corporations.