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Optimization over Solutions Concepts in Cooperative Games

Funding: National Natural Science Fondation of China (NFSC)

Running Period: 2015-2019

PhD student: Mr. Panfei Sun (BSc) 

UT supervisors: Prof. Marc Uetz, Dr. Walter Kern 


This PhD project is based on a cooperation with the NPU in China, and funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). The PhD student funded by NSFC is Panfei Sun, spending the final half of the PhD period in Twente, while the PhD project has started at NPU in China under supervision of prof. Hao Sun. The supervisors at the UT are Prof. Marc Uetz and Dr. Walter Kern.  This research project addresses mainly two questions. The first one is to study whether one can obtain meaningful values of cooperative games (new or classical) which are not included in the family of procedural values, however by applying the procedural method. The second asks for the application of optimization techniques to select an optimal point (under certain criteria) of solution concepts such as the core. The project is fundamental, with applications in fair value and payoff distributions in situations of multi-party cooperation.