• The evaluator HSEval.
    Jeff Kingston made an evaluator for XHSTT. The results of the evaluator are binding, in the sense that if the evaluator gives a result that you do not expect, you are wrong ;-). Of course you can start arguing with us, whether the HSEval result makes any sense. From September 2010 Jeff also maintains the documentation of the format.
  • John Beasley's OR Library.
    The OR Library contains 5 artificial datasets (hdtt4-hdtt8), also converted to XHSTT.
  • Research by Tassopoulos and Beligiannis.
    Ioannis Tassopoulos and Grigorios Beligiannis made their instances public available before. It seems these disappeared. There were 10 Greek instances available in text format.


  • The KHE High School Timetabling Engine.
    KHE is an open source ANSI C software library, written by Jeff Kingston in 2010, which provides a fast and robust foundation for solving high school timetabling problems. It supports the XHSTT data format, and is used by the HSEval timetable evaluator. Users of KHE may read and write XML files, create solutions, and add and change time and resource assignments using any algorithms they wish.
  • GOAL team.
    This page gives a lot of information on the contibutions of the team in high school timetabling. Source code is also available.
  • Free Timetabling Software.
    A project to provide software for timetabling. Input is also in XML format, with very many different constraints possible.