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Internet Census 2012, searching for treasures!


Jair Santanna


07 June 2013





Title: Internet Census 2012, searching for treasures!


How long would it take for a user to PING all existing IPv4 addresses? Something around 16 years. But an exceptionally skilled Internet user, who wants to remain anonymous, did it in just 16 HOURS! This anonymous individual performed distributed (botnet-based) scans of the entire Internet collecting information as active hosts, traceroutes, reverse DNS, open ports... and made all collected data publicly available in the Internet. At the moment, this could be the best (or the worst) publicly available dataset out there! We downloaded these data because we wonder if there are any treasures in it. In this colloquium, we would give you a preliminary overview of these data and we would like to invite you to brainstorm with us to help us identifying what sort of treasures we could search for.