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2009 - 2014 - Powersensor project - PowerGlove: Ambulatory estimation of Hand and Finger kinematics

The hand is instrumented with miniature inertial sensors in order to estimate the kinematics of hand and finger ambulatory.
It is advantageous compared to many existing data-glove systems, because the sensing elements are placed on top of each phalanx instead of mounting the sensor across each joint. Hence the sensors can be aligned easier and are less prone to movement artefacts during operation.

A real-time reconstruction is possible using custom made data processing filters.
A delay is still visible due to the required computation time in MatLab. However the actual bandwidth of hand/finger dynamics is unaffected.

The glove will be extended by miniature force sensors to measure contact forces during object manipulation. This allows ambulatory estimation of load dynamics, power exchange and work done on the environment.

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