The central theme of the Biomedical Signals and Systems (BSS) group is Neural Engineering. The research focus is on interfacing with the neural system and (tele)monitoring and influencing body functions through such interfaces. Research is performed across the following three levels:

The cellular and network level:
neuro-electronic interfacing of live neural tissue on electrode substrates, learning and memory in cultured circuits, neural endcap prosthesis.

The human function level:
neuromodulation and dynamic identification applied to pain, motor control and heart function; diagnosis, functional support and neurofeedback training in rehabilitation

The health care level:
Telemedicine: remote monitoring and remotely supervised treatment using wearable interfaces and ICT systems.

There are a number of interesting master assignments and individual research assignments available in the BSS group on these topics. If you are interested in an assignment, please make an appointment with the assignment coordinatoror Jan Buitenweg, the principal investigator of the topic you are interested in, or just come by at the ZuidHorst (nr 28 on the map) and have a look. You are welcome!

Further information on education of the BSS group: