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Hierarchical microbeads for diagnostics

Hierarchical microbeads for diagnostics

Multifunctional microparticles have been widely developed and applied in sensors, actuators, chemical and biomedical analysis, and optoelectronic devices. Microscale hierarchical particles fabricated from macroscale responsive polymer materials and nanoscale particles retain the native properties of both polymers and nanoparticles, and possess the advantages of being hierarchical composition in the range of macro-, micro- and nanometers. These smart microparticles with diverse compositions and structures can have enhanced optoelectronic properties and high specific surface area as well as integrated chemical and physical properties.

In this PhD project we aim at developing microbeads with combined nanophotonic sensing and magnetic actuation properties by incorporating noble metal nanoparticles and magnetic nanoparticles on their surface. The particles will be manufactured by self-assembly from a two-phase droplet system in continuous flow followed by UV polymerization. The particles are intended for use in biomedical diagnostics. The project is a cooperation with prof. Lingling Shui in South China Normal University in Guangzhou, China, in the joint SCNU-BIOS laboratory LOTS.


prof.dr. J.C.T. Eijkel (Jan)
Full Professor