Crosslinking polymer microparticles in non-equilibrium with light: redox-active designer hydrogels for low-cost lab-on-paper diagnostics

The aim of this project is the construction of a biosensor on paper, using microparticles of a redox-active polymer, polyferrocenylsilane (PFS). PFS changes colour upon oxidation/reduction, giving a direct qualitative readout of the signal. A quantitative signal can be obtained by measuring the number of oxidations/reductions electrochemically.

The polymer particles will be produced using microfluidics, which enables us to capture non-equilibrium liquid shapes into solid particles. Droplets of polymer solution will be made in a microfluidic device. These droplets can then be crosslinked into spherical (or distorted spherical) particles.

Contact Information

Dr. ir. Mathieu Odijk


Mark Hempenius (MTP,
Julius Vancso (MTP,