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Educational systems: Summary for first year students

This page contains information about the UT systems used for communicating about your educational programme and your personal progress. 

Detailed instructions

The following presentations provide detailed user instructions on the systems you will need during the first year of your study: utwente.nl/students, OSIRIS, Canvas, timetabling systems and the Campus app. And a few student updates from ICT customer support.


Direct link to OSIRISOSIRIS Course Catalogue and OSIRIS documentation

In OSIRIS you can register and deregister for modules/study units and the corresponding tests. It also possible to view your most recent study results and monitor your study progress. In the OSIRIS Course catalogue a general description of study units in OSIRIS is given.

Please note:


Direct link to Canvas and Canvas student help documentation

In Canvas you will find all the information about the courses (modules/subjects) that you take: course information (substantive information, assignments, etc.), course materials, course announcements from teachers, exams and grades, etc.

Note! Always register for courses in OSIRIS, which automatically adds you to the Canvas site. Do this as soon as possible, as you could miss important information.

My Timetable

Direct link to My Timetable and My Timetable documentation

Via the online scheduling system MyTimetable, you can create your own personal timetable en receive timetable changes directly on your smartphone.

Resource Booker

Direct link to Resource Booker and Resource Booker documentation

Resource Booker is the application available for booking a project room. These rooms are located in various buildings (Bastille, Horsttoren, Ravelijn, Spiegel and Vrijhof).

Mobility Online

Direct link to Mobility Online and Mobility Online documentation

The system for management of your internship, graduation assignment and exchange processes.

Student Services and Student News

Besides the information provided via the educational systems, there are two channels via which you will be updated about student affairs:

  1. Student services pages: summary of information for students
    The student services pages combine information about administrative procedures for students, news/events, other announcements and quicklinks to the educational systems.
  2. Student News: monthly update
    Of course it is possible that you may miss important general information via the above channels. That’s why you receive the Student News monthly by email. This email contains an update about events at the UT, training programmes of the Study & Career Centre, changes in Canvas and OSIRIS and other relevant information.


For general questions about the educational systems: watch the presentation ‘how to use the student portal, OSIRIS and Canvas’ at the top of this page. Also check out the OSIRIS manual, the Canvas manual or the Mobility Online manual for using these systems. You can also contact Student Services.