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Overview OSIRIS

OSIRIS is the student information system in use at the UT. This page is meant for questions about the front end of OSIRIS. This front end has both a Student module and a Lecturer/Supervisor module.

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OSIRIS Course Catalog (no need to log in)
Log in on OSIRIS Student
Log in on OSIRIS Lecturer/Supervisor

The Student module is available for registering for courses, tests and minors, tracking your study progression and consulting the course offerings.

The Lecturer/Supervisor module is meant primarily for registering test results and keeping track of the study progression by the students supervisor.

Questions? Check the FAQ or send an e-mail to studentservices@utwente.nl (for students). Lecturers can send their e-mails to their educational affairs office. 

General information about OSIRIS can be found on http://www.osiris-ho.nl.