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Support Staff Executive Board

The Executive Board Support Team provides management support to the Executive Board and to the University as a whole. The Team supports the members of the Executive board and the policy and decision making processes related to the Executive Board.  This includes support of the official advisory bodies,  support of the process of participation by the University Council and the support of the Supervisory Board.

Secretariat EB

J.J.E. (Jacqueline) Portier
Phone: (053) 489 3495
Room: Vleugel 110
Position: Personal Assistant of Vinod Subramaniam, President EB
Available: Monday to Friday

M.C. (Marie-Christine) Prédéry

Phone: (053) 489 7747
Room: Vleugel 113
Position: Personal Assistant of Tom Veldkamp, Rector Magnificus 
               Registrar Doctorate Board
Available: Monday to Friday

M.A. (Mechteld) Patijn
Phone: (053) 489 8838
Room: Vleugel 108 
Position: Personal Assistant of Machteld Roos, Vice-President EB
              Registrar UCB
Available: Monday to Friday

E. (Ellen) ter Brugge
Phone: (053) 489 9850
Room: Vleugel 102
Position: Personal Assistant of Susanne Wichman, Secretary of the University 
              Registrar Supervisory Board
Available: Monday to Friday morning


E.C. (Els) Bosch-van der Heijden
Phone: (053) 489 4060
Room: Vleugel 111
Position: Executive Secretary Executive Board
               (EB, EB-Deans, Strategic Board)
Available: Monday to Friday 

F. (Freya) Brands-Diepeveen
Phone: (053) 489 1338
Room: Vleugel 111
Position: Executive Secretary Executive Board
               (University Council)
Available: Monday to Friday

J.M.J. (Jacqueline) Otter-Nijhuis
Phone: (053) 489 8266
Room: Vleugel 108
Position: Executive Secretary Executive Board
              (UC-E and UC-R)

Available: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday


H.W.H.M. (Erna) van der Zandt
Phone: (053) 489 2010
Room: Spiegel
Position: Staff lawyer