UTDSIDSINewsThe University Wide Ethics Committee (UWEC) needs your help

The University Wide Ethics Committee (UWEC) needs your help

The University Wide Ethics Committee (UWEC) is the central ethics committee that advises the university board on the ethical aspects of research projects. Rather than a policing function, the aim of the committee is to help improve research projects by raising the appropriate questions and finding ways of designing research such that it can be done ethically and wholeheartedly. To achieve our ends, the members of the committee schedule regular information and training sessions to be informed and improve our thinking about various topics. This is where we need your help.

We are looking for volunteers or suggestions on who can inform us (through a presentation) about sound, ethical ways to design inclusive and diverse research with and without participants. In other words: what steps can be taken or what questions should be raised such that a research project has inclusivity and diversity embedded in the design of the project.

Your help is much appreciated.

Please send your suggestions/remarks before 15-5-2024 to Herman Offerhaus (h.l.offerhaus@utwente.nl)