UT student Joachim Koot wins Unilever Research Prize

On the 7th of December the annual Unilever Research Prizes were presented to the winners. Unilever awards these prizes to show its appreciation for high-level research that is taught at Dutch universities. This year, UT student Joachim Koot won with his computer simulation model of bloodstreams of patients who are receiving ECMO treatment (a technique which provides temporary extracorporeal respiratory and cardiac support). Thirteen students in total received a € 2,500 prize yesterday as well as a glass sculpture, The Ovum, by artist Elly Rosseel. 

Joachim developed a theoretical and computer simulation model of the bloodstream in branches of arteries of patients who are receiving ECMO treatment. It was no easy feat to model the bloodstream in the arterial system both globally and in a more detailed way focussing on specific branches. It has provided a better insight into blood circulation and a better understanding of potential complications as a result of ECMO therapy. Unilever: it is a revolutionary way to address research questions of clinicians and contributes to achieving Global Goal number 3: good health and well-being.

Janneke van den Elshout
Press relations (available Mon-Fri)