How to Build a Universe Davy Pieters / Theater Rotterdam

What role does coincidence play in a world in which we want to exclude any coincidence with technology?

We live in a world that is seemingly manufacturable. With all the technology at our disposal, we can endlessly zoom in on the world and control and manipulate life. Think of all the security cameras that monitor us day and night or Facebook, that decides what news we should see. In the digital era we allow ourselves to be increasingly led by the algorithms that are hidden behind this technology. We mindlessly hand over our research and creativity.

But the greatest discoveries, whether they occur in one person’s life or in the whole of humanity, happen by accident. They are suddenly detected by the human eye and have such an impact on the world that it can never be seen in the same way again.
Are we able to direct even our world-changing insights using technology? And if so, how will that affect our world-views? Our lives? And ourselves?

How to Build a Universe dissects coincidence. In so doing, director Davy Pieters also challenges the laws of theatre and of the world, resulting in a visual, filmic, musical and physical performance.

concept, direction & set design: Davy Pieters
performance: Judith Hazeleger, Mees Borgman, Niels Kuiters, Syoma Ekhart, Ayrton Fraenk
music: Jimi Zoet
singing composition: Lisa Verbelen
singing coach: Béni Csillag 
costumes: Erik Bosman
lighting design: Axel Dikkers
technical facilities: Arjen Fortuin, John Thijssen


Chosen as their inspiration night by the international group of theatre association NEST (a.k.a interNESTional); all members have free acces! 


Students€ 5,-
Employees University of Twente€ 7,50,-
Others€ 12,50,-
How to Build a Universe Davy Pieters / Theater Rotterdam