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Art as communication

Art in the making? Work by recent graduates or students still in training at the AKI art academy in Enschede? Or (also) work by teachers of this same institute? In any case, art that relates to topics of the here and now. A refreshing or profound view of the world. Art as communication.

Sytze Woudsma, a painter and 2021 AKI graduate, has found a way to depict STREET LIFE. While studying, he went on an exchange to New Zealand, where he was confronted with many places with homeless people and he felt the need to photographed them. These images form the basis for the paintings he has made since then.

He himself says of his work:

"In a society where images are becoming less and less valuable due to the explosive proliferation of images that come to us daily, I see painting as a medium within which images can retain their dignity. Where images can shock and traumatise, or, on the contrary, still and have a healing function."

At a previous exhibition of his at Kunstenlab in Deventer, it was said, "As a viewer, you quickly think about themes such as power and the different realities we can live in. Yet the artist likes to stress that his artworks are not meant to be moralistic. For him, they are much more about finding a visual language in which composition, colour and the depicted work together and remain captivating. About how your gaze moves through the painting and keeps looking for surprises. Perhaps afterwards you will also take some of that curious gaze with you out into the street. After all, the world at our feet is much more colourful than we can see at a glance."