Global Comedy Night An evening of laughter

Ready for an evening of laughter?

Combine Comedy Night with Christmas drinks this year! End the year together with a good laugh! How much fun is it to end 2022 with your team or accosiation with humor and in laughter! Prepare for an evening full of hilarity about Dutch culture, funny situations and personal anecdotes from the comedians. Hilarious, razor-sharp, bone-dry and always funny. Last time hide-and-seek was played! What wil happen this time? No one knows, but you're sure to leave the year laughing together!


Adam Fields

Master of Ceremonies Adam Fields is a Londoner wandering around Amsterdam. Not as an Easyjet weekend tourist, but as a permanent resident. He observes the Dutch and shares his amazement with the audience through his inimitable British sense of humor. He holds up a mirror to people. Because even though Adam has been living here for a while, he has remained a true Englishman.

Odette van der Molen

Winner of the 2019 Comedy Talent Award, Odette van der Molen was made for the spotlight! With her self-deprecating, sharp humor and spot-on characterizations, she challenges and ridicules modern life and the generation gap with her relatable topics. She can be sharp, honest and direct, not sparing herself and not entirely free of any self-deprecation. Odette effortlessly connects with her audience in both a charming and playful way!

Nigel Williams

One of the ‘founding fathers’ of the new wave of Belgian stand-up comedy. Nigel’s comedy is social commentary with a ‘funny sauce’, ‘rough and ready’ and not always for the faint hearted. For the last few years Nigel has toured all over Europe doing comedy in his mother tongue and founded (the now legendary) ‘Stand-Up Antwerp’ comedy club, bringing in top English language comedians from all over the world. Nigel’s act is sometimes political, sometimes observational but always engaged, furious and most of all f***-ing funny.


Students€ 5,-
Employees University of Twente€ 7,50
Others€ 12,50
Global Comedy Night An evening of laughter