ONTMOETEN Ragged edges of graphics, AKI ArtEZ students across all learning years and directions

Not having to do anything means playing freely and relaxing

Graphics lend themselves perfectly to slowing down time in our hectic society where real encounters (ontmoetingen) during corona were also difficult. The indirectness of the technique makes for a slow process in which analytical thinking and intuitive action go hand in hand. The advantage of graphics is that the printing plate can be used more often, so surprises, failures, experiments do not matter; better still: It is often the extras and unexpected twists in the process that surprise and evoke a new process.

All works show the frayed edges of printmaking in combined techniques, books, stop motion films, combinations with photography and objects. A meeting (ontmoeting) with graphics fresh off the press of the AKI. Take your time and let yourself be surprised in this encounter (ontmoeting) with the: not-having-to-do-anything (ont-moeten).

Opening: Friday 7 October, 17.00 hrs.

This exhibition takes place within the framework of the Graphic Triennial 2022 in which museums, galleries, artists, graphic workshops and collectors organise a variety of exhibitions, workshops, lectures, demonstrations and projects.