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Between Utopia and Reality Paulien Wilkinson & Birgit Kannengießer

Due to the currently restricted access to our exhibition rooms during lockdown, we decided to have this exhibition take place online. 

Artists Birgit Kannengießer (Osnabrück) and Paulien Wilkinson (Enschede) show in their exhibition the results of the second project phase of their participatory taNDem project.

Desiree Bruning, project leader of the taNDem organisation, wrote an introductory text especially for them, which can be seen in the online exhibition.

Questions like "What color is your paradise? Is it warm or cold there? Am I alone or among many people? What does paradise feel like? How does it taste? How does it sound? How do we get there?" were the starting point for interviews in Osnabrück and Enschede. Participants were asked to choose a background they liked and answer questions for a short video. The answers were immediately visualised using a tag cloud. A dynamic word cloud was created, a typographic projection consisting of relevant keywords. The dynamic word cloud changed as the interviews progressed. Individual words became more and more important depending on how often they were mentioned. The projection offered the audience and the interviewees a reflection that could also influence their reactions. This created a dialogue. In this way, the interviewee could directly influence the image presented, the importance of individual terms and the opinion of the evening. How and where do we want to live? 

The two artists have combined the interviews into a dialogical view. They also artistically researched the key words and incorporated them into a multimedia installation. The exhibition shows videos, photos, monotypes and objects. 

“Between Utopia and Reality” has been carried out in the context of taNDem, a series of cross-border art and culture projects in the EUREGIO, and funded by INTERREG.

Behind the name taNDem is the INTERREG V A project "Art Connection - Art Connection". In this project, EUREGIO, Cultuur Oost, Münsterland e.V., Emsländische Landschaft e.V., the city of Osnabrück, the district of Osnabrück and the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel are working together to strengthen the area of art, culture and heritage in the border region.

The project "Art Connection - Art Connection" is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel, the Ministry of Federal and European Affairs of Lower Saxony and the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in the context of the INTERREG VA program Germany-Netherlands.