Square One Don Satijn

Musician, composer and visual artist Don Satijn studied at both the Academy of Visual Arts and the Rotterdam Conservatory (currently known as Willem de Kooning Academy and Codarts). As a visual artist he works with concrete, wood and steel, in a geometrically abstract style. He adds meaning to the works by incorporating codes and messages through mathematical structures, reliefs or perforations. Common themes in the artworks of Satijn are the multitude of codes that are intrinsically hidden in the world, our private life and the codification of society. His oeuvre covers more than 30 years of work and a multitude of forms and shapes, from portraits made up of social security numbers, bank account numbers and customer numbers to a series representing thousands of variations of a simple cube.

Especially for Square Two , Satijn made a number of new artworks which are inspired by the similarities in code languages which can be found both in juggling and digital communication. The jugglers from Tall Tales Company find themselves engaging in a physical interaction with these works in Square Two .

On Monday 25 November, Tall Tales Company will play the performance Square One. the prelude to Square Two, in the Vrijhof.