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Under the Mask of Awkwardness Willemijn Calis

Moved Confronted

In Willemijn's work, you see her predilection for raw work and imperfection, as you can also see in her themes such as death versus life, transience, politics, power and the human condition.

She works in a surprising way; a combination of painting and moving images. Sometimes also projected onto walls, pillars, or other sculptures in space. To make her painted short films, she uses the way of stop-motion animations, as if you’re looking at moving paintings.

Willemijn Calis is one of the three nominees for the “Talentprijs 2018”. An award arosen from a cooperation between the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Overijssel, RTV Oost, De Stentor and De Twentsche Courant Tubantia to emphasize the importance of appreciating the art and culture forms in our region and to publicize them. The results will be announced on Thurday 4 October.

The opening in presence of Willemijn Calis will take place on Thursday 18 October, 4.30 PM.