Forgotten inventors 14 female inventors

14 “forgotten” female inventors throughout history, shown in 14 small display cases.

The exhibition on the subject “forgotten inventors” is a work in progress; later on artists will get to work with their view on these "forgotten inventors" and put their thoughts into art? One by one their artworks will be added to the exhibition.

So the project keeps changing throughout the period it is shown on Campus, and furthermore it is a travelling art project, because the display cases will also be shown in other Campus buildings later on.

The idea of bringing these female inventors under attention came up during a brainstorm with Vyvy, student Technical Medicine. It surprises Vyvy that many people find it difficult to name female inventors. For this exhibition she wants to share some very interesting inventions done by women. Many people seem to think that inventors are men, but many everyday objects were invented by women. Simple things like coffee filter Melitta for example, or less common: the bulletproof vest and the syringe.

“Hope you all get inspired by these inventors, to invent something nice, something big or small.

Strong friendship between men and women is something I highly value, we both can invent something beautiful together.
I am not talking about children. ;)”