About Computer Science

About Computer Science

You are already familiar with the developments in information and communication technology and now you want to improve your knowledge and skills in this rapidly changing field. You want to specialize in specific subjects of choice, join a research group, and gain relevant experience in industry. The MSc Computer Science programme offers you the opportunity for all this, preparing you for specialist functions in industry or for a PhD and a career in science. We offer five specializations in current fields of research: Computer Security, Software Engineering, Information System Engineering, Methods and Tools for Verification and Wireless and Sensor Systems. As a master’s student you can choose a direction close to technology or close to a field of application such as healthcare, dependable systems, or learning and knowledge management.

Most visitors, we assume, will be familiar with the Computer Science field. You know about the Computer Science fundamentals. You are aware of the impact Computer Science has and has had on our society and our every day life. In fact, you probably understand more of this impact than the average layman.

Master’s programmes are specialized. They are not about basic knowledge and skills in a broad area. They are about pushing boundaries; to gain (often relatively small) new insights, generally only in a small area. But each change contributes to the strength of the Computer Science field.

Pushing a boundary is hard work. You have to understand in detail what is going on at the edge of your field. There is a great variety of things that can slow down progress.

Physics may seem to work against you, complexity and lack of proper analysis tools may be a hindrance, and of course all sorts of human factors can be a challenge. You have to be aware of methods and techniques that are available to solve the problems you encounter. And sometimes you simply have to get lucky: look at the obstacle that is in your way from the right perspective, and then you realize it is not an obstacle at all. There is a skill to develop here, one of the strong points of the creative expert is that he gets lucky more often than others.

In the description on this site you will not find the phrase “pushing boundaries”. But it is an important characteristic of taking a master’s degree. In a 120 EC programme, 2 years of full-time study, you learn what it is to push boundaries. And even if it does not look like it, that is what our programmes are about.

dr. ir. Geert (G.J.) Heijenk
Programme director