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Enjoying work every day


The coronavirus has thrown our lives a curveball. Our daily rhythm has been shuffled and we have (set) increased task requirements. This, because you just want to keep doing your job. But now your job consists of the additional factors of digital education or digital meetings, new tasks etc. You also want to keep your private or home life running. Yet, you have children who are at home and need home schooling or perhaps a partner who also has to work from home. All these factors can cause your experienced work happiness to decline.

In this interactive online workshop you will learn what happiness at work is, also during these times of corona. We will pay particular attention to finding the factors that make your work fun and give you energy. And what you can do to increase your own happiness at work.

  • Date

    NL: Monday 1 March - 15.30 to 17.00 (1,5 hr)

    ENG: Tuesday 2 March – 15.30 to 17.00 (1,5 hr)

  • Maximum participants

    Maximum 10 people due to the interactive nature

  • Location

    Online (Microsoft Teams)

  • Trainers

    Hein de Visser (Loyalis)

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Enjoying work every day
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