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UT-VU Graduation assignment

In the third year of the bachelor program UT-VU Mechanical Engineering, students can choose an internship and/or a graduation assignment in cooperation with a company. A valuable opportunity to experience a particular field in professional practice and to build professional connections.

Bachelor graduation assignment - Research 

One of the goals of the graduation assignment is that the student learns to conduct research. After an intensive introduction at the university, students work on an issue presented by a company, the UT or the VU. The company assignment and the execution of the research are formulated according to the conditions and professional learning targets of the UT. The student is supervised by the company and a UT-VU teacher. The duration of the graduation assignment is three months and consists of attending education, writing a research proposal, conducting research and writing a journal paper about the research that has been carried out. For the research, the students can spend some time physically at the company in mutual consultation.

Graduation assignments need approval from a programme related department and will be supervised by a company supervisor. 

Research assignment in your company 

We like to receive proposals for graduation assignments from companies. Criteria for the assignment:

  • Focus: Research 
  • Content: relates to topics covered in the first, second and third year of the education program UT-VU Mechanical Engineering.
  • Level: can be executed by Bachelor undergraduate ME student(s).
  • Period: 12 weeks - of which period at the company in mutual consultation.
  • Location: companies in wider region of the University of Twente.

The PROPOSAL FORM to submit and share your proposal with UT-VU will be published here soon. Send us a message if you like to be updated.