Premaster COM

This section contains information that is specifically relevant to premaster students.

Premaster rules

Bachelor-before-master-rule ('Harde knip')

This rule implies that a bachelor programme or a pre-master programme must be fully completed before being allowed to start in a master programme.

General aspects of the rule:

  1. The Bachelor-before-Master-rule applies to all premaster’s and bachelor’s students. 
  2. You are not allowed to participate in a master course as long as you haven’t completed your bachelor's or pre-masters programme

Rules in the pre-master COM (30 EC) programme

  1. The maximum registration period for completing the pre-master’s programme is one (1) year for all students.
  2. During this period a student may maximal two (2) times for an (interim)exam. If a student fails to pass the second time one or more (interim)exams the student will receive a negative and binding study-advice. The student consequently will be excluded from the pre-master’s programme.

Admission to the COM master programme

Pre-master students will only be admitted to the master’s COM programme at the moment they have completed their pre-master programme COM completely.