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Morning session

During the morning session, which aims at staff and students from the University of Twente, a short introduction to Citizen Science at the UT will be presented, and various project teams will share their initiatives (past, current or future), and lessons learned.

Moderated by Renske van Wijk, Knowledge Transfer Officer at Technical Medical (TechMed) Centre, University of Twente. Project leader TOPFIT/CitizenLab.

  • First round of pitches
    • Anne Dijkstra (BMS/CS): Citizen science reflections: learnings from three activities
    • Karin van Leersum (BMS/STEPS): Understanding community building by doing citizen science in the personal and local environments
    • Nina Schwarz (ITC/PGM): Keeping track of urban green spaces in Suriname
    • Ria Wolkorte (BMS/HTSR): Citizen science for health in action: gaining insight into fatigue for people with rheumatoid arthritis
  • More examples of citizen science @ UT
    • Luuk Buunk (Student – honours programme): Intercultural Competences - Guiding practical insights through CitizenScience (ICCS micro-module)
    • Frank Ostermann (ITC): Challenge-based learning module CS
    • Lara Siering (EEMCS/BSS – ET/IxD): Co-designing digital health for a healthy brain with older adults
    • Wieteke Willemen (ITC): Towards a Geo-Citizen Science Hub
    • Youngjung Choi (ET/DE): Intertwined viewpoints of a designer in a co-creation project for energy and mobility transition scenario development and the resulting challenges
    • Islam Bouzguenda (BMS/PA): Co-creating City Plans with Citizens through 3-Dimensional Virtual Environments
    • Gaston Remmers (BMS/Wijsb): Beyond the definition: an ethical framework for Citizen Science
    • Femke Nijboer (EEMCS/BSS): Gin zörge – A theatre debate about citizen science and health in the local language Lower Saxon


The lunch session from 12.00 hours till 13.00 hours will be open to both participants from the morning and the afternoon session.

Afternoon session

In the afternoon session, which is open for everyone to join, various keynotes, presentations and panel discussions will be held on a variety of themes related to citizen science, for instance, education, developing and evaluating citizen science programmes, and community building. This session is in particular interesting for staff and students of knowledge institutions who are interested in citizen science, policymakers involved in citizen engagement, and affiliates of all sorts of organisations that are involved in finding sustainable solutions to societal challenges.

This event will be held in English, and is also available online.

Moderated by Sabine Wildevuur, director DesignLab/UT

Walk-in Science Café: Citizen Science without Borders