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Braintraining: one day studyboost


Course prices

UT students: €25 (non-refundable administration fee), payable at registration.

Group size

Minimum 30, maximum 100 participants




Students need to read, analyse and remember lots of information. In most study program you spend at least 3 hours a day on this. This workshop is meant for all students that want to learn how they can remember large amounts of information better.


In this training you will discover how to reduce your study hours and how you get better results.


  • Absorbing Information: How to get through your pile of information faster and more effective
  • Laser Focus: How to stay focused in a busy environment
  • Mindmapping: How to work more effective by optimizing the possibilities of your brain
  • Memory Master: How to never forget a name, number, article or presentation again 


In order to do our study (or work), we first need to acquire, process and reproduce information. We need to read all our studybooks, PDF files and memos, attend colleges, etc. We spend an average of 4 hours a day absorbing and processing information.

Having worked with over 85,000 people, we know that most people can absorb and process information better and more efficiently. There are three main challenges that most of us encounter: 1) We read too slowly to be able to read everything; 2) We are quickly distracted; 3) We are unable to remember information.

We have developed a method that makes it easier to absorb, analyze and memorize information. The technique consists of eight principles based on scientific research into brain function. The practical approach makes it suitable for everyone who needs to process large amounts of information.


This training takes 6,5 hours, including a lunch break.

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