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Braintraining: Speed Reading & Concentration


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This workshop is free of charge for all students of the University of Twente

Group size

Minimum 15, maximum 30 participants




Students need to read, analyse and remember lots of information. In most study program you spend at least 3 hours a day on this. This workshop is meant for all students that want to learn how they can remember large amounts of information better.


In this training you will discover a new method of reading. You will learn a number of techniques to help you move through the text faster, to record it more accurately and to remember it better.


fast reading, text understanding


Is the way we read the proper way to do so? Many people are faced with the problem that they read too slowly or that the information they read is not recorded properly.
Maybe you recognize this yourself, that at the end of a page you have to ask yourself what it was that you just read? Why is it that many people suffer from this?
There are a number of reasons why we read so slowly, and if you can solve this problem you could literally read your professional literature, analyze it and remember it two or three times faster.


This workshop takes three hours.

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