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How to work effectively in project teams


Course prices

This workshop is free of charge for all students of the University of Twente

Group size

Minimum 6 and maximum 15 participants


Qualified teacher from the TCP Language Centre


All students who are involved in project based work, especially for those starting out. 


You will:

  • become aware of how you work in a group; what are your limitations and contributions to the team
  • learn about group dynamics and effective teamwork techniques
  • gain insight in what you can do as an individual to influence the team and the group process
  • take home at least one technique you are able to use directly in your own project team to increase the effectivity of the group 


  • Discover and recognize your own qualities and personal strategy working in teams
  • Learn about ‘typical’ behaviour and other strategies your team members might use
  • Use this knowledge about your own behaviour and that of others to understand the course of your own project; why were some things a success and why do problems arise?
  • Theory on essentials of project based work and group dynamics
  • Discover the conditions for effective teamwork
  • Learn about practical techniques you can use yourself in the day to day practice to make your own team more effective
  • Practice with one technique or tool, so that you are able to use it in your own day-to-day practice as soon as possible!


After following this training you understand your own part in the whole project, which makes it easier to exert an influence; to change the way of working together or improve difficult situations. The training is practical in nature and really focussed on providing you with the tools and techniques you need for your own specific situation.


This training takes 7 hours, including a lunch break.

You will receive some reading material and preparatory questions in advance. Just to make sure we can spend all the time on the practical issues and questions at hand.

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The registration for this workshop will open on the first of February 2018.  

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